RABTHERM - Gold Under Our Feet!

After the slogan - ecologically, competently and economically, RABTHERM AG is engaged since  March 2000 with the marketing of the patented system RABTHERM - heat utilization from waste water for  heating and cooling of buildings -, as well as the development of a comprehensive system, which uses and produces renewable energy.

The re-orientation sets the priority on  professional, respectable and competent job execution. Responsibility opposite the customer, long-term customer relation and a target group oriented marketing are the factors for business success. RABTHERM AG supplies a unique product solution and an outstanding technical knowledge. The focus lies therefore especially in the economical, process orientated, as well as in the marketing field.

In the market for renewable heat energy RABTHERM strives for a leading position. Thanks to the technical know-how of RABTHERM - it's possible to follow the "recycling" principle and to provide an important contribution to the ecology. With this new energy system approx. 20 per cent of the heating market can be covered profitable and economically on a long-term basis.


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