Pollution Free Heating With Heat Pumps

Already well-known at the market are heat pumps, that apply heat energy from the earth, from groundwaters or air for the domestic heating and warm-water supply. These systems can supply also single family houses with energy.

The energy costs can be reduced up to 60 per cent. The heat pumps are not suitable for each type of house, the best it works with low-energy buildings. The reason: systems with heat pumps reach only a temperature of maximally 50 °C / 122 F. That is sufficient for wall or floor heatings, however for conventional heating elements this temperature is too low. After statistics of the "European Heat pump" association already 450,000 heating pumps exist european-wide in 2006.

In most countries the number doubled itself in relation to the previous year. Particularly in France, Germany and Finland heat pumps are popular alternatives to conventional heating systems. In Germany there were for example 43,900 facilities installed in 2006.


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